No additional products necessary..

I’m one of those people who always try to get the most out of everything.

I use my face wash until there is NO possible way to squeeze even a teeny, tiny drop out.
I will ask for a to-go box to save even the smallest portion for leftovers.
I will listen to a song I love over and over until I hate it.

You get the idea :]

With that being said I have come to learn an awesome hair trick by complete accident that is not complicated and does not cost you a penny more (actually might save you money and time) .

**After washing your hair – let it air dry for a little while (to cut down on blow dry time) – then blow dry.. BUT HERE’S THE UNIQUE STEP..   do not COMPLETELY dry it.. get it extremely close with just a bit of damp moisture left.. then I proceed to straighten it usually (but you could also leave it at this point if you are happy with it)**

What’s the difference?  Every time I have done this (usually because I am short on time) my hair for the remainder of the day always feels WAY more moisturized, healthy, volumized, full, softer ect.  The difference between days this happens and days I just keep drying, and drying, and drying is INCREDIBLE.. my hair just FEELS so much better.. and I think we can all agree: starting out with good hair just makes everything else that much easier.

[ Note: For the record I have really long, layered and naturally a bit wavy hair.. interested to see how well it works on other hair types ]


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