Generations of crazy.

This is where I’ve spent my weekend.. in central Illinois.. visiting my paternal grandparents and several other relatives from that side.  Of course I did your normal family visiting activities: eating too much great food, digging through their old “vintage treasures”, playing lots of cards, and getting scared half to death when my 85-year-old grandpa with one eye decided to drive.  I haven’t been here in probably 10 years and haven’t seen some of the family in at least that long.  No matter how much you love or hate your family it is always nice (once in awhile) to come home and spend time with them.  If for no other reason than to realize that any of your not so fantastic traits or habits originated somewhere beyond your control, and you can find forgiveness for yourself and get a good laugh that those things your Dad does that irk you to no end his own sisters and mother roll their eyes at as well.  It is also a great reminder to appreciate your family for whatever they are, while they’re here.. some people aren’t as lucky and one day, hopefully in the distant future you won’t be either.


2 thoughts on “Generations of crazy.

  1. LOVED it! And I totally agree with you! It is nice every once in a while to be around family. It is nice to put up with their annoying habits and watch them put up with yours without complaining.

    -Also, I would be so honored if you visited my blog. I am an aspiring artist and would love to have your input on some of my work…thanks alot!

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