Time to think

I don’t know about you but I am one of those types of people who likes to take her time making decisions.

Even little, everyday ones.

For instance I typically like to smell at least 30% of the candles on the shelf (OKAY.. sometimes all) before selecting one.  I like to stand there and hold/look at an item for at least 5 minutes before I decide if I really want it.  Don’t even get me started on online shopping – for which I have logins virtually on every website you can and have wish lists full of items I love.. but “just.. can’t.. commit.. too”.

Needless to say the holiday shopping time is one of my least favorite because no matter whether real or imagined I always feel rushed.  I also feel rushed or pressured when sales people help me out.

Both premises lead me to my dilemma I had today.  For Christmas my mom said I could get a starter kit for Bare Minerals (I’m running out of my current make-up and I have always heard great things about it), also as a Christmas present to myself I have been wanting to find the “perfect red” lipstick.  I typically haven’t worn much lipstick in the past, but have been experimenting with it lately and have come to really enjoy the little bit of “new” it can add to your style or look.

So I went into my local Sephora store for help.  I assumed that perhaps they would give me a mini makeover with the Bare Minerals makeup to see which starter kit and colors I should purchase so I wore absolutely no make up.  I guess I assumed wrong ha ha.  The sweet lady only brushed a bit of the foundation on a teeny tiny section of my cheek to see if the color matched and that was it.  I guess it did the job but left my face still makeupless.  Moving onto the red lipstick challenge, she informed me that lipstick was a “process” to which I must start with lipliner. (Wasn’t anticipating buying that – but I figured she was the expert not me)  So she tried out several colors on my hand and when I finally thought I like one she applied it to my lips.

[ picture this.. NO makeup whatsoever and BRIGHT red lips hahahaha (I know they say if you do bold for some of your makeup you should keep the rest toned down.. but NONE.. yeah I’m pretty sure I looked a bit off) ]

Anyway I liked the red well enough, but it still wasn’t the color I had pictured in my head, but I told myself I wanted the “perfect red” and this is what she helped me find.  Having forgot to ask the price as she tested out the colors I was totally clueless to what I might be spending.  It turns out $19 for the lipstick and $18 for the lip liner ……. (don’t worry this seemed REALLY pricey to me too – but once again I figured well this is what I asked for and she delivered) So I paid for my purchases and went home.  I decided since it was a Christmas present I should wait until Christmas to break into it.  So I just set it aside.

Later that evening I was just wandering the internet and thinking of the other people I had left to buy presents for.  It was only a couple of girls and I thought “hmm.. maybe I can find them something from Sephora.. they always have interesting little sets this time of year and who can argue with beauty or bath products” =)  So I’m looking on their website and just HAPPEN to stumble across lipstick sets.

And find this…

Hmm.. SIX different lipsticks for only $28 as opposed to the $37 I spent for one lipstick and a lip liner…. and i can use them all to figure out what shade I LOVE… I know that lady said the lip liner was really important but somehow I just think this seems like a much better fit for someone who is wanting to experiment with lipstick but will HARDLY be wearing it all the time.

Man.. I can not TELL you how happy I am with myself that I didn’t break into the stuff I bought yet!  Now I can have 6 different lipsticks to play with.. more money.. and no buyer’s remorse!

Moral of the story.. well first of all obviously I can get long winded about mostly pointless personal anecdotes ha ha!  But also.. that you should always give yourself  at least 24 hours when thinking about or after buying a purchase (especially if its something you don’t buy all the time or if its a significant purchase) because you might have made a hasty decision that you could end up regretting but could easily be reconciled by the waiting period!


3 thoughts on “Time to think

  1. I can be the same way. 🙂 I have definitely sniffed quite a few candles before making a decision and I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t make some mistakes and splurges with make-up.

    There are times though when being spontaneous can be fun, especially when you don’t look at it as a commitment. For example, there are times when I’m going shopping for a writing journal and I know if I pick one that’s too fancy I won’t write in it. So I choose a random shelf and grab. Normally this works out really well. The last time I just grabbed, I reached for a really high shelf and ended up grabbing a Tinkerbell notebook. I laughed hysterically since I have a slight obsession with anything fairy related.

    But shopping is what you make it, and we should totally take our time when shopping for make-up. My best advice for you is some advice one my closest friends gave me–NEVER feel pressured to buy anything that the sales reps put in your hand. Always thank them and sleep on it. If you’re still yearning for it the next day, go back.

    However, your lipstick and lipliner…lucky you, you’ve set them aside, correct? If you’re still feeling strange about that purchase, go return those bad boys and get something you really think will suit you, like a set you can “experiment” with to create your own perfect shade (sometimes it takes more than one ‘stick). Do what’s right for you…and your lips. 😉

    Happy hunting!

    • Thanks for the great comments!!

      Thats a really fun idea about your journal picking! And its nice to know I’m not the only one with quirky shopping habits!! Thanks for the great advice about waiting 24 hours.. I usually do something more like that, but for some reason this time I just bought it but THANK goodness I didn’t open it! I went back the next day, returned it, and got the Kat Von D lipstick set I posted a picture of! I am saving it for Christmas but I am WAY happier with it than my first purchase!! Thanks for that great link as well!! I am sure I will be getting a lot of use out of it, as my adventures in lipstick land continue!! 🙂

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