Contrary to popular belief

Everyone knows that as the weather starts warming up in the springtime and people start shedding their winter coats the common sentiment and theme is “SUMMER IS COMING!”, “Time to get your summer beach body ready!”.

It is no surprise that with less clothing and *gasp* swim suits comes a herd of people revisiting the gym they haven’t seen since before Thanksgiving, and multitudes of people trying out the latest fad diet regimen.  I suppose it makes since.

However, I would like to pose a new thought.  That actually, there is MORE of a need to look skinny during the fall and winter months than the spring and summer months.  Why might you ask?  Here is my theory:

Less clothing actually makes you appear smaller, and feel smaller.  (Jeans make me feel way bigger than shorts (clearly they are fitted in more places.)  If less clothing makes you appear smaller it would follow that more clothing would make you appear bigger.  And that is precisely my basis for this argument.  In fall and winter we must PILE on the layers of clothing; chunky sweaters, large coats, boots – you name it.  No matter how in shape you might feel waking up in the morning you put on one of those bulky sweaters and suddenly it look as if you have gained 5 pounds right then and there.

So my friends, if we are going to pay particular attention to our weight at any specific time of year don’t let the colder months scare you away from the gym or your normal healthy routine.  Indulge in all of those holiday goodies but keep up some kind of healthy exercise in between.  It may be chilly outside but remember inside your gym it feels like spring time!  Your body will also thank you when spring and summer start approaching and unlike half of your friends who start doing two-a-days, and stave off all sweet treats until next year rolls around you can be confident in the fact that thanks to your dedication and healthier lifestyle you don’t have to put out anything but your normal effort to keep up with your already great looking figure! 🙂


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