Jumping the gun

Lately, I’ve been finding I want to buy things for my “future kids”.  I use this term loosely because I am not pregnant, not married, have no intention of having children anywhere in the near future, this kind of thing is probably a good 5+ years off.

So why you ask am I wanting to buy things for them?  And what kind of things am I buying?  Well that is a good question isn’t it..

The only thing I can really decide that has spurred me to do this is the fact that a few of my closest friends have babies and I try to pride myself on being a great gift-giver.  I don’t like to just come to the day before a special occasion (birthday, holiday ect.) and rush to the store, grab the closest thing in sight and throw it in the general direction of the cashier.  No, I much prefer to keep these people in mind during shopping trips through out the year and if I see something I feel would be PERFECT for them, get it and save it.  It doesn’t ALWAYS happen, but its what I try for.

So, consequently, I try to find them great gifts, and thus I start thinking these gifts would also be awesome for my future children.

Why not just wait and get it down the road?  Well I guess for some items I worry by the time I have kids they might not be around, or as easily accessible.  So some things I find I just get a strong urge to try to buy soon so that I can save it and for sure have it for the future.

Typical “baby” items aren’t what I’m after either; not bottles, or onesies (although I LOVE baby clothes), or toys even.  No, some of the presents I want to get my friends’ children and thus also my own are those classic/timeless gifts such as books or I’ve even thought so far down the road as coming-of-age gifts for when they get to high school or when they graduate.

I will just be out shopping around and see things and think, “Wow, this would be PEFECT down the road,” and then worry they won’t have something like it once that time comes.

This has only started recently within the last year.  I wonder if I’m the only happily, childless person feeling the need to start the “nest building” and “collecting” early?


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