Find-of-the-week Friday!

This beautifully embellished journal lets you record thoughts, feelings, and events in your life over five years. Filled with prompts that are at turns provocative (How happy are you?), quirky (What can you smell right now?), and always interesting, it serves as a great way to look back in time and remember. Paper, cardstock 368 pages - Potter Style

Seeing as this is WordPress: a community of people who LOVE to write and share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, I am SURE I won’t be the only person who thinks this is just wonderful!!  And what a perfect thing to start off in the new year!! If I had only found it sooner I think the best time to start this would be either your senior year of high school or right at graduation because in my opinion those years following high school involve the most self-change and growth and would be the neatest to have documented.  But better late than never! 🙂  It says this is sold out online but I found it in the store (Anthropologie) and they might get more in online eventually.  Also, I saw it is available on as well, for a few dollars less!


2 thoughts on “Find-of-the-week Friday!

    • Yeah, I had it on my wish-list for months.. cuz usually if you wait long enough stuff from Anthro goes half off.. but I was returning something the other day and just decided to go ahead and get it! It seems like a lot of fun! I’m starting it today!

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