This past year I..

… did my first ever Painting With a Twist with my best friend and discovered I will never be a painter but I will have one solid attempt hanging on my wall for years to come!

… moved into my first ever apartment without roommates.. thus overcoming my anxiety about living alone!

… started exercising more regularly and stopped going out and having drinks with friends as often, and miraculously, with those two simple things, lost the 15 pounds I had somehow gained over my last couple years of college

… substituted at a low income elementary school for 4 months and gained a new respect for all teachers and parents as well as gained a new knowledge of what unconditional love and patience really mean and came to fully understand how blessed I am.

… took my first ever mom-and-me trip to visit my grandma and other maternal relatives, in my mothers native Nebraska, and learned I have gotten some of my better qualities from my grandmother (night owlness to name only one)

… traveled to Anna Maria Island, Florida with my best friend in the entire world and spent a week exploring the quaint, lovely beach community! (great vacation spot!!)

… on the return trip spent St. Patrick’s Day at Disneyworld’s “Magic Kingdom” – where I got to be part of my best friend experiencing her first real rollercoaster

… attended the 1st birthday party of my same best friend’s daughter

… got to witness a old high school cheerleading friend graduate from college with a + half (she was pregnant at the time with her first baby)

… ate at The Salt Lick – as featured on Man vs. Food on The Food Network

… shadowed two amazing Re/Max ladies in real estate and started taking real estate classes online – positive steps toward my dream job!

… traveled to Addison, TX for the 4th of July to see what has been rated as the #3 fireworks display in the NATION (even ahead of our nations capitol!!) – fireworks are pretty much my favorite thing ever and this show definitely lived up to its fame!!

… visited Fair Park – Dallas, Texas where the 1936 World’s Fair was hosted and also where there is an AWESOME walk through butterfly house.

… decided to take a break from the single life and jumped back into the dating ring (happy to say things are still working out rather nicely ;))

… was able to finally forgive and forget some old long-standing tensions and is happy to say new friendships emerged from the ashes =)

… became an active alumnae of my beloved Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity.

… stayed home and relaxed on Halloween.

… discovered Pinterest thanks to my best friend!

… after only taking off one semester since college graduation, decided, rather suddenly, to go back to school to get my MBA and completed my first semester with all A’s!

… was delighted to host my sister, who’s in college nearby, for several lovely weekends of spending the most time together since we all lived at home!

… got to visit my best friend and her family in Texarkana where we “mined for diamonds” (but unfortunately didn’t find any), went to a quilt show, toured an old-timey town, cooked dinner, and fully enjoyed her Netflix subscription into all hours of the night!

… successfully celebrated the first good birthday, in the last couple of years, with the most amazing friends ever!

… got to see “So You Think You Can Dance” LIVE and was surprised with tickets only 15 rows back!  It was phenomenal!

… participated in a photography workshop with my other best friend – pretending to be models all day – and was pleasantly surprised with the final products! =)

… had the quietest, most peaceful Thanksgiving at home with just me and my dog.

… took my first ever dad-and-me trip to visit my other grandparents in Illinois and to see some paternal relatives I haven’t seen in probably 8 years!

… finally got to upgrade from my first ever smartphone.. it was tough though because even though it was having some technical issues towards the end I will really miss my original Droid!

… last but not least…  discovered The Daybook which forever changed what I thought about blogs, encouraged me to search out more blogs and so inspired me to start one of my own!  And here I am!!

What did you do this year??

I’m sure if you’re like me when you casually think back it doesn’t seem like very much, but if you really spend some time and reflect on the year, a month at a time, I’m sure you can come up with a pretty good list of accomplishments or events that add up to a pretty terrific year in all!

Here’s to continuing the adventure.. 2012.. ready or not.. HERE I COME!!


5 thoughts on “This past year I..

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing year! It’s so neat to look back and see everything that was accomplished. Hope 2012 will be a great year for you too. 🙂

    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! xo

    • Thanks Lesley!! I just found your blog yesterday!! You are now part of my newly acquired love for blogs!! Thanks for stopping by mine, its definitely no where NEAR as great as yours is yet!! But I’m just starting out so we’ll see where it goes! Also, I think you will like my next post!! =)

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