What-I-love Wednesdays

* memory foam mattress pads
* new-car-smell
* having food available right when you are hungry – prepared by someone else
* chapsticks (any brand especially Nivea)
* color
* ceiling fans
* skinny vases that “fan” out the flowers
* felt-tipped pens
* getting things in the mail
* walking out of an interview with a good feeling

Making lists of what you love or “happy lists” can really help you appreciate life in the little things – and who couldn’t use more appreciation =)  Try it out sometime.. on Wednesdays.. when you are feeling down.. or just anytime!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “What-I-love Wednesdays

  1. haha thats a good idea for a weekly post! So what about like waking up to the neighbor’s barking dog? Guess that wouldn’t make the list 😉 keep the posts coming.

    • Yeah, I wish I had a tempur-pedic! My boyfriend is thinking about getting one and we went and tested them out in the store recently. The one he’s looking at is called The Cloud.. lets just say it lives up to its name! =)

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