Find-of-the-week Friday!

I am SUCH a candle person.  I think its a combination of the lovely smells they bring, and the fact that fire, to me, is so relaxing and calming.

This particular scent is just delightful!  I bought the tin for myself and the jar for a friend!  The tin candle burns up to 50 hours and I’ve already had it lit a lot and it’s not even halfway empty yet!  These can be found at Target – the pictures will link you there (although it doesn’t look like you can order them offline).  To me the price (varies by store) was right, as nice candles can get expensive.  The tin is $10.39 and the jar is $13.49.

Hope you have a great smelling, lovely Friday!


4 thoughts on “Find-of-the-week Friday!

  1. Oh I know what you’re talking about. I love candles! I had a bad experience as a teenager though. Me and a friend of mine fell asleep and forgot to put off the candles (which were on a wooden desk… yes, we were that clever! :D) and… the mini-fire scared the hell out of us. Anyway I’m saying all of this just to say – be careful with candles 🙂

    • Oh no!! Well glad to hear you survived!! Yeah, I am pretty careful to keep my candles in a place that if I accidentally forget about them they will likely still be okay, and I typically only get tin candles which I’m not sure, but I feel are a little safer hahaha! I do sometimes leave my straightener on too, and lucky for me I also keep it somewhere they won’t light a fire and make sure to never leave anything else too close! You are definitely right.. you can never be too careful! 🙂

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