Whoever said keeping your New Year’s Resolutions couldn’t be delicious OBVIOUSLY has never been to Sweet Tomatoes (aka Souplantation)!!  Or if you are like me, just enjoys a GREAT salad once in awhile.  I am not talking about that straight lettuce junk – probably why I could never diet if my life depended on it – I am talking about a fully loaded, likely more calories than a burger type salad!

To the people that say this completely defeats the purpose, 1) I am not dieting so I am not eating these to lose weight, and 2) the way I look at it, more calories or not, a fabulous salad such as this is still loaded with healthy things I wouldn’t otherwise be getting from the usual things I love like pasta.  Yes I might douse it in ranch, but nothing feels better than stuffing yourself on food that will actually sustain you for awhile, help your digestive system, and even improve your health long-term!

A little about the place I created this mammoth concoction at; Sweet Tomatoes.  It is mainly a salad buffet with TOO many tasty, topping options to count!  In addition they have soups, a couple pasta choices served in handy SMALL portions, bakery options, and some desserts (since of course you are doing so well by choosing salad as your main course).  The only thing I wish they had were giant bowls instead of plates, as you can tell from my pictures that salads this size tend to get a bit messy 😉


2 thoughts on “My-pick-Monday

  1. Finally someone who loves this place! Sweet Tomatoes is such a tasty place! and makes eating salad enjoyable! (Even tho I turn into a carb junkie when I get there!) lol Great Post!

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