eternal optimist

As I am having the craziest week EVER, in place of “What-I-love-Wednesday’s”, today is all about how I am surviving the chaos that is my life right now!

How might this happen you ask?

I will tell you…

First week of actual graduate classes + first week of new job + not quite back in the school routine yet = disaster!

Oh but on the positive side I do really love to stay busy, I guess that’s why I can still find ways to be happy this week!!

Storm clouds..

-My amazing two managers at my apartment complex quit, leaving us with the less than friendly temporary staff…
-Graduate level teachers that make you participate in “getting to know each other” exercises…
-Textbooks that cost $173 (USED!) and don’t even come with the code necessary for the online assignments I must have for the class..
-When someone “group” texts you and you don’t realize and you respond back to everyone, to have the other people text you back and even after you tell them it was an accident they keep texting you because they are creepers.
-Professors from whom you are taking an online class from that claim they will be making the class run as much like a regular classroom as possible…. (sorry but thats precisely the reason I am taking online to avoid all that!)
-Having your first assignment for a class take 4 times longer than you anticipated, and staying up all night to finish it, only getting one hour of sleep before a full 7 hour work day!
-Being a hypocondriac and worrying I might have mold in my apartment that could be the cause of the weird eye allergies and skin issues I’ve been having.
-Having to drive 45 minutes for a night class that the teacher drags out into 2.5 hours, and if he just spoke at a normal pace he could get through in an hour and a half or less
-Being so busy I hardly have time to blog, pin, or do anything that my creative side craves!
-Huge storm this morning causing flash flooding, downed trees and overturned dumpsters at my apartment complex.

Sunbeams coming through…

-Looking up the tracking info for my textbooks I am waiting to recieve and notice today is the day they are set to arrive, I consequently hear the UPS man pulling up outside and meet him at his truck  – perking up both our days – I don’t “miss” the package and not see it for another week , and he doesn’t have to climb 3 flights of stairs!
-Even though I swamped making 180+ mini cupcakes for my collegient sorority (I am now an alumnae of)  for their first meeting of the semester and having them say they enjoyed them!
-Getting even a 10-20 quick minutes to spend with good friends in between everyone’s busy schedule!  Even those few minutes mean so much and can make all the difference!
-Applying for a job I didn’t think was going to be anything good at all, but applied anyway because I really wanted a part-time job and having it turn out to be the best part-time job (on every front) that I have ever had!
-With all my apt mgmt changing going to get my mail and seeing my familiar friendly mailman who always stops to have a friendly chat with me!
-Looking forward to weekend full of plenty of downtime after a nutso week!
-Getting my first paycheck tomorrow!!
-Having photographers I met at a photography workshop contact me and want to take additional pictures!
-Cooked all weekend and having PLENTY of leftover food in the fridge
-My Dad accepting a new job 10 hours away, and for once not having to move with them but getting to have a cool new place to visit and explore when I do get to see them!
-My sister telling me about a really awesome ballet performance of Moulin Rouge coming to her university next week!!  Which I plan on attending!!

All in all, I think this is gonna turn out to be an okay week!  Just gotta get through tomorrow then my weekend starts – and hopefully I will use it to get myself a bit more organized so next week runs a lot more smoothly!!  Hope everyone is having a more tame week and a good Humpday!!  Just glad to still be alive and kicking, really 🙂


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