Murphy’s Law

My schedule this semester is only one night class Monday nights, work all day Tuesday through Thursday, and two online classes.  As you can gather that gives me weekends approximately lasting from Thursday night to Monday evening.

The one time this ever happens.. my classes (mostly Accounting) will keep me busy and doing homework ALL weekend long.

If that isn’t the pits I don’t know what is..

Perhaps if I get ahead now, maybe I’ll get a weekend or two to relax late in the semester..

The one day I have to sleep in all week, and I go to bed at 5am because I’ve been up studying and cleaning there is a full on construction crew right next to my building ALL morning.  We’re talking backhoes, chainsaws… anything that makes noise, they brought it out and started it up.  Of course, when I finally drag my sleepy self out of bed around 1pm after tossing and turning all morning an hour later they stop..

I have been renting a wireless internet router through my cable company because I didn’t know how long I’d be at my apartment and be needing one.  So me and my Dad finally decide I’ve already spent enough to have purchased one and as long as I will be here I should just go ahead and buy one… Which would drop my cable bill by$10 a month!!  Well the same month that will be starting I get a bill and it seems my “special” rate I was getting (that I was not aware of it being a special rate) gets dropped after a year (now) and will now increase by $12 and some odd cents a month…

Despite all of this, I am REALLY determined to make this a great week, hopefully much better than last week.  I have poured myself a nice cup of instant coffee.  THIS flavor is delicious.. tastes just like hot cocoa..

…and for the first time in a week I am doing my favorite activity of what I like to think is my version of “watching the news”… going through and reading all of the updates on all of my favorite blogs!  Oh and starting off the morning extra productively by going through and checking off numerous items from my to-do list!!  I hope that no matter what your circumstances you are starting your Monday off on the right foot as well!!  I just KNOW it is going to be a fabulous week! =)


One thought on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Loving how you stay positive, it really helps I truly believe! I remember loving the International Coffees many years ago, I’ll have to check this one out again.

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