the little things

Today I have the pleasure of deep-cleaning my whole apartment to get rid of the tile dust that is EVERYWHERE.  Not what I was planning on doing on my Saturday, but I know my clean-freak self will feel so much better when its done.

On the bright side when you get to start your morning with a breakfast of leftover brown Cheesecake Factory bread and Laughing Cow cheese it makes it a bit better!

In addition, I also got my first issue of my $10 subscription of Vogue this weekend, that I ordered through the fabulous!

At first when I signed up I was like “oh-gosh, just another website that wants me to be a member so they can flood my inbox and I will probably never buy a single thing from here”… not the case at all!  After being a member for a month or so I started noticing REALLY discounted stuff that I would really like, since then I have gotten a year subscription of  Vogue for $10, a year subscription of Travel + Leisure for $12 and this new amazing coffee table book, “Vogue: The Covers” originally $50 for $35!! Can’t do much better than that!  Plus the stuff they put on there is usually creative, neat stuff; it makes terrific gifts and is so fun to discover and share!

On another note I really need to decide on a color of Hunter rainboots to purchase, I’ve been debating for some time now and I could really use them for this nasty, rainy, cold, humid weather we’ve been having!  Yuck!


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