So far

Top: A&F, Bottoms: Anthro, Flats: Blowfish, Earrings: Forever 21, Shades: AE

HOW on earth did February sneak up so fast?!  Seems like we were just ringing in the new year yesterday.  Goodness!  We’re only one month into the year and it seems like I’ve already made a great start to My 12 for 2012.  I snagged that decent GREAT part-time job I was hoping for!  It fit perfectly into my schedule, has a decent pay, is a 3 minute drive from my apartment, is interesting, comes with great bosses, is helping me form tons of connections,and gives me a LOT of downtime (which I mostly spend studying)!  I honestly couldn’t have found a better job!  I know that big man upstairs was really looking out for me on this one!  And I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I filled out 3 different applications the week before Christmas break, DURING finals.  As my mother always says, “God helps those who help themselves” – true believer.

And because resolutions don’t only have to be made on the 1st of the year, I’ve sporadically started adding to the list as I go.

  • Recyling
  • Posture
When I was little we used to recycle all kinds of stuff, because where we lived they had an excellent community program.  Where I live now, isn’t quite as up to speed and they don’t offer pick-up everywhere.  But I started thinking, I throw away SO much that could be recycled and I bet if I research it a bit I could find a drop-off spot and just save up stuff and take it a couple times a month.  I started setting things aside, and quickly started accumulating large piles, and it made me so proud to think that these piles before would have gone straight into the trash but now I was saving that much more space in landfills.  Consequently, I happened to find a link to a great drop-off location right past my new job that takes almost everything.  Score!!  I’m going to make a trip for the first time this week!


Posture… where do I start?  I guess I tend to sit, or curl up in what feels comfortable at the time, but later KILLS my back.  I’ve started to  notice I kind of sit sideways, or at least lean one way or the other while I’m sitting and I get horrible cramps in my sides because of it.  I really don’t want to be old and hunched over before I have to, and I would like to stop having as much back pain so I’m going to start making more of an effort to sit up nice and straight no matter what I’m doing.


This post is kind of a trial run for some outfit/personal style posts I hope to start here shortly.  The pictures aren’t awesome because they were taken with a phone camera, but just kinda wanted to try it out.  This is my take and attempt on a more girly way to wear plaid, because I like plaid a lot but have a lot of trouble not looking like a boy when I wear it.


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