One sunshiny day..

So.. I’m thinking this spring/summer we shouldn’t have ANY skeeters to worry about because every time I open my balcony door I see at least 3 mosquito eaters.  I am reallyyyy hoping this is the case because I can not STAND either of these flying annoyances and I’m really hoping there has to be an upside to trapping and killing at least one of these giant flying spider-like creatures a day! =(

In other news, Zumba is now and will forever probably be my favorite form of exercise!  Two reasons: I sweat my booty off (therefore it must be working) and I feel like I am in a giant dance party!

Also, if you happen to live somewhere where they sell ridiculously overpriced smoothies AKA Smoothie King, you simply MUST try the Peanut Power Plus with chocolate, but MAKE sure you order the skinny version as the regular small version has 717 calories and 63 grams of sugar! Scary even for a non-dieting person such as myself!


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