TGIT and Thank God for Coffee!

When you can’t stop cracking yourself up before 8 in the morning one of two things is going on.. you are either delusional or you’ve had too much coffee already.. I’m afraid this morning it was probably a combination of both! Haha! ūüėÄ

That is probably a good segway into the most exciting thing in my recent life: discovering regular ‘ol coffee!¬† This might sound strange to most people but up until this point in my life (well I’m not THAT old, but you know) I had never drank regular coffee.¬† I have always had a serious sweet tooth and regular coffee was always WAY too bitter for me, so I got by on sugary concoctions from Starbucks, or the instant flavored stuff you dump in milk.¬† In the past year my tastes have been changing a little bit, and while I still love some sweet stuff, some stuff now seems too sweet.¬†

Recently I was so tired one morning and at a friend’s house¬†who was making regular coffee I decided to give it another go, with nearly a fourth of the mug with milk in it no less, but still regular coffee.¬† And I loved¬†it!!¬† Immediately I knew it was time to buy my first coffee pot, which would save me¬†both money and time!¬† This all happened just last week, and¬†I have been making my coffee and mixing it with a bit of milk.¬† Well today I discovered¬†another¬†thing that is now enhancing my¬†coffee¬†experience even more;¬† SUGAR!¬†Haha!¬† I know¬†what you are thinking,¬†“I thought she just said she hasn’t been¬†liking things too sweet,” well you’re totally right but just¬†a half¬†a teaspoon of sugar helps cut down the bitterness a bit and makes it nearly perfect!¬† Now equipped with¬†my¬†coffee pot, and new travel¬†thermos,¬†mornings at work have felt TOTALLY different, in a good way!¬†

I only work Tuesday thru Thursday, and have grad classes on top of that Рso by the time I get to Thursday it definitely feels like, and is, essentially, my Friday!  This week I worked some extra hours on Monday as well and have been spending tons of extra time on a Statistics project Рso I am especially thankful it is Thursday this week!



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