Best friend and bluebonnets ❀

Meet my best friend, Morgan.  She is pretty much the ying to my yang.  She is the carefree,  where I am a worrier.  She is spontaneous, where I am a hard-core planner.  Her friendship pushes me to live life to the fullest, and I like to think my friendship is her voice of reason, every once and awhile when she needs one.  We basically give each other a little more of something the other lacks..  and what more could you ask for in a best friend than that?!  Oh, and as if I needed to mention it, she has a fabulous fashion sense and is obviously gorgeous, but probably even more so on the inside 🙂


2 thoughts on “Best friend and bluebonnets ❀

  1. Thank you!! Yeah, it was fun and totally impromptu, she was already dressed like this from work, and I saw this little patch of flowers in town and thought it would look cool, sooo we snapped a few pictures!! I really like randomly finding stuff like this!

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