Oh how FABulous!

If you haven’t yet heard of Fab.com then let me enlighten you.  It is pretty much like LivingSocial but for stuff instead of activities!  They post new deals daily (or every couple days) to different items or shops from around the web.  All you have to do is be a member (don’t worry its free)  and you can start purchasing discounted unique items from around the web.

I have always LOVED internet shopping, and by internet shopping I mean going from website to website looking, and wish-listing all of the amazing items I would like to buy.. but only on occasion actually purchase things.  For someone whose pattern is such it should tell you a lot that since joining Fab back in Nov/Dec I have already bought 4 different deals!

-One year subscription to Vogue $10
-One year subscription to Travel + Leisure $12
-One year subscription to Allure $15
-Vogue: The Covers book $35 (Regularly $50)

Now before you say anything, let me just say, (1) Yes, I am a fully admitted magazine addict (this just happens to be a much cheaper way to indulge in my unbreakable habits) and (2) Yes, they have deals other than magazines that just happens to be what I have purchased so far.

The thing that I love most about Fab.com is discovering new shops or stores.  Even if I don’t buy the items I love when I see them, I can find the shops’ website and bookmark it for later!

Here is one such shop that I am absolutely DROOLING over!


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