I have seen the Light.

I recently received Adobe Lightroom editing software from my other best friend’s Dad.

I have always loved taking pictures.  I got a regular film camera for my birthday as a child when I didn’t know anyone else my age with one.  And ever since then I have  really enjoyed taking pictures, of anything and everything.  Maybe its just my need to preserve beauty, or happiness, or simply a moment that will never happen again.  Whatever it is, it started young and hasn’t ever really left me.  Ever since I’ve enjoyed taking pictures I’ve also enjoyed manipulating pictures here and there to make them even better.  Historically this hasn’t meant doing much because I have never had any special programs; maybe changing the exposure a bit to make the picture more bright, or simply cropping.

The pictures from yesterday were my first shot at REAL editing, with REAL editing software.  I’m sure glad it has a “Before” and “After” feature, because I think it is pretty incredibly to see the difference.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, how about two pictures, side-by-side.



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