An evening with my sister, in photo captures.

My little sisters 20th birthday was last week.. 20! Makes me feel so old, and also so proud that over the years she has simply grown more and more amazing.  (Not quite sure how she keeps accomplishing that feat)  So since it was a cause for celebration and I hadn’t seen her in a month or two, I headed down to her neck of the woods for the evening and this is the fun that followed, including many firsts for her.  Introducing people to things, and places they’ve never been, is probably one of my favorite things  : )

Genghis Grill

Harvey Washbanger's FAMOUS Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie!

This is what $11.28 worth of books and a magazine looks like!

If I had one of these closer to where I live I would NEVER shop at Barnes and Nobles again!

The McDonald's in her college town has a soundproof study room instead of a play-place! SO cool and ingenious!

Goodnight sleepy dorm and youngster college students.



5 thoughts on “An evening with my sister, in photo captures.

    • : ) Yeah, even though I’m still in grad school.. I haven’t lived in a dorm since my freshmen year and that was only for a semester.. so I couldn’t resist that picture especially! Glad you liked the post, thanks for stopping by!

    • Yes me too! I love her, and now that we’re both in school in different towns its so nice to go visit and just spend time together for a few hours when we both get a break in our busy schedules! And the noodles were good! I LOVE Genghis Grill and the fact you get to put whatever you want in it! : )

  1. Yes, I really live for days like this with her! And I’m right there with you, it’s so great to have her, and we weren’t always close growing up so I am especially treasuring the amazing friendship we now have! And the noodles ARE amazing! Genghis Grill is a chain, hopefully you’re able to try one out sometime, its SO yummy : )

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