Pink lips, don’t care :)

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn


11 thoughts on “Pink lips, don’t care :)

    • Thank you so much!! That sounds like a fun twist to the usual nude or red bridal picks, I love it! I bet it did look great!! Yeah I’ve been trying to experiment with lipstick more, this is really my first pink I’ve tried, I usually try reds. But I heard a lot of people recommend this color, so i thought I’d give it a go and really liked how it turned out so I might become more of a pink girl now! : )

    • Thank you!! That is so sweet of you! Yeah, I have been trying to experiment with lipstick more, and I had heard more than a couple people say that this lipstick was really great, it’s Revlon, “Love that Pink”. Yeah just a bit of makeup, powder and mascara. For normal day makeup I don’t like to wear very much, and I’ve heard when you wear lipstick its better that its toned down. And thanks for following! I’m following you now as well!

  1. Yes, even though I’m a guy, MLB keeps me up to speed on what’s happnin’ in fashion.

    Lipstick is making a strong statement. Red and pink are both very tight right now.

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