Mondays: one way to fix ’em is to include ’em in the weekend!

These two pictures pretty much sum up my weekend.. but I’ll add in a few of the other high points for your reading pleasure.

-Had wonderful sister conversations and time together
-Got to meet my sister’s best friend from college
-Cooked dinner for the whole family:  fettuccine alfredo
-Celebrated my sister’s birthday late, and brother’s birthday early.. (all as an excuse to eat the amazing cake pictured above!)
-Gave my silly, wonderful, and half-way retarded dog a bath… I swear between the two of us we expressed every emotion in the book during those 30 minutes.
-Convinced my Dad to wash my car : )
-Got visited by the Easter bunny who seems to now believe in leaving as much money as chocolate
-Got to visit with my second family, and catch up on all the good chit-chat and gossip!
-Celebrated my best friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday!  This year it fell on Easter, HOW cool!
-My other best friend got to come to finally visit my parent’s house
-Got to have a little fun photo shoot with previously mentioned best friend by two amazing photographers (we even got several best friend pictures, cannot WAIT to see them!)
-Got to see one of my absolute favorite people, one of the ladies I shadowed for real estate and who is now my parents real estate agent.  She even let us use her yard for some of our pictures!  She is just a ray of sunshine that woman!  I really wish she lived closer because she can make ANY day over the top!
-Took best friend to try out my favorite mexican restaurant at home!
-Discovered a FABULOUS antique/vintage furniture and decor store, and  it was probably the best I have ever seen!
-Spent a whole 3 days at home with none of the family wanting to kill any of the rest of the family = RARE success! : )


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