..and then life happens.

I had been doing SO great writing at least once every weekday!  And I had also really started to enjoy the frequency and the need to come up with new ideas to write about or share!  But last week as it usually happens, life happened and I became busier than I’d planned to be and didn’t get my full week in.  So I thought it might be fun and enlightening to share with you exactly what all I had going on : )

I didn’t come home from Easter until Monday, and actually went straight to my Monday night class.  That probably was the thing that threw me off the most.

Then Tuesday my boss gave me a fun project of designing a pamphlet about the correct way to post your address for 911 purposes.  I really enjoy stuff like that, and I spent the whole week almost drafting it up, taking pictures around town of good examples, and then tweaking it according to what she liked or didn’t like.  In the end it turned out pretty cool!  And she was bragging about it and me all around the office!

Wednesday night one of my good friends and sorority sisters emceed an awards show at my university.  She had been having rehearsals since February, and spent countless hours perfecting all of her lines and picking out dresses as she had to have 4, count them 4 cocktail and evening gown changes through out the night.  Needless to say it was quite the production, and I was so honored to get to go and watch her shining moments!  One of my other good friend’s mom came into town and she calls me her adopted daughter so she took us out for sushi and drinks following the show, the food was yummy and the company even better!

Isn't she lovely!?

Thursday I was supposed to go out of town with my best friend after work just for the night, but I started remembering about this HUGE idea I had for a large scale fundraiser for charity I got a couple weeks back, and I actually plan to look into making it become a reality.  So I unfortunately had to cancel on her, to stay home and start talking to people about my idea!

Friday I went to a work crawfish boil with the same friends’ mom that took us out to dinner on Wednesday.  It was right on a lake, and the weather was perfect.

Saturday I attended and helped out with a golf tournament benefitting breast cancer awareness and education put on by Zeta Tau Alpha the sorority I am an alumnae too.  They raised $18,000 before expenses and a great time was had by all.  I am so proud of my chapter and the SAME person who emceed the awards show earlier in the week was the head coordinator of the event.  Talk about one-woman-show!

What a gorgeous day for golfing and fighting breast cancer!


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