Do stay awhile sweet springtime..

I absolutely adore summertime but here in Texas I always feel like spring abandons us way too fast.  Tonight it is a lovely 66 degrees outside, the air is fresh and not too humid.  I almost don’t want to go to sleep because that means shutting the balcony door and windows and turning the AC back on.  There is something SO incredibly peaceful and relaxing about fresh air, especially fresh night air.  Its quite, its calm, it gives you this almost endless feeling, that time isn’t really passing and you could just sit and enjoy this one particular night as long as you please.  When you let this air inside all of a sudden your house seems to breath a deep sigh of relief as if until you finally opened that window or door your house was choked up for breath, the way a fish must feel in a fishbowl as opposed to in the ocean or a stream.  Needless to say I will be letting myself and my house breath with open windows and doors as often as possible before these lovely tolerable days and nights give way to the stifling heat Texas summer brings.  Please let it last awhile.


2 thoughts on “Do stay awhile sweet springtime..

  1. Lovely! Europe is rainy in spring! 😦 You described it so nice I could actually have the same feeling 😀

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