Why I love Anthropologie: in 42 pictures!

Anthropologie has long been my favorite store, probably since the early years of high school when I first discovered it.  I love everything about it, the quality, the mix of styles, the new AND old feel, the way I could spend hours just wandering the store because it is more like a garden or museum than a store.  I’m almost pretty sure that if heaven is what you want it to be mine would be an Anthropologie with a Cheesecake Factory next door.  As much as I love Anthropologie though, as with any store, they change things up all the time, so sometimes its more me, and I can find a thousand things I want to purchase, and sometimes its less my style.  This spring is definitely one of those times I could wishlist almost the entire store.  They are definitely hitting the mark lately!  THIS is what I call eye candy!


6 thoughts on “Why I love Anthropologie: in 42 pictures!

    • Yeah.. I agree.. I usually wait til things go on sale and even then I don’t buy much, but most of their stuff will go on sale starting at 40% off and sometimes lower which is much better than most stores and makes their stuff a wee bit more affordable 🙂

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