“Away from my desk indefinitely”

Have you ever tried to call someone who works at any type of office, doctors office, insurance office, city office only to get that lovely message about how they must have just stepped away from the desk for a moment and that they will gladly get back to you ASAP if you just leave your name and number?

Well if you are like me, and think that leaving a message sometimes requires much more work on behalf of the person you are trying to call, and that by the time they get to it, listen, delete, and call you back you could have just had the phone conversation with them and instead of leaving that message you just try again later.  And again later, and the next day, and three days later.  Only to keep getting that lovely message about how they must have JUST stepped away for a second…

You might start wondering if in fact their phone has gone off on its own Caribbean vacation and forgotten them, or if perhaps they wandered away from their desk for just a minute and unfortunately got lost and have yet to find their way back, or that maybe they have come down with some horrible disease and are hospital bound and no one wants to be the one to change their voicemail or answer their calls because then they’d have to explain the whole sorry situation to caller after caller, or any number of crazy scenarios…

Or there is also the logical conclusion that perhaps people these days just screen calls 24/7 and never actually answer but only respond to left messages..  In which case they could miss out on very important news someone wouldn’t leave on a message, or they might not hear about that week-long paid ski trip they’ve just won.. but regardless, I should probably suck it up and start leaving messages like the rest of society and release my expectations of hearing back from said person anytime this millennium..



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