I just cannot contain my bulldog love any longer!

So my best friend has a mini English bulldog, Layla, who you have seen a couple times now.  Well I was roommates with that friend for a while and me and Layla just fell in love.  It wasn’t love at first sight, I must admit.  When I first moved in I often wondered why someone would get such an ugly dog.  Being honest here ha ha!

But she definitely won me over.  I think it was probably her mannerisms.. the way bulldogs breath it sounds like a pig snorting and routing around.. and just how when she gets excited she shakes her whole booty and stands on her back feet with her front legs up in the air.  It’s SO endearing.

So after only a short while I started thinking she was a lot more cute than ugly.. maybe so ugly that she is cute.. whatever way you look at it, she grew on me for sure!  Ever since moving into my own place I still enjoy going to play with her and dream of the day I can get my own mini English bulldog (or a French bulldog, because although I’ve never seen one in person they are equally precious with their perky ears, they remind me of a fat Chihuahua).  I love that they are perfect “apartment” dogs, known to be “couch potatoes”, don’t need much exercise and love to be laying around inside all day.

Anyways, I recently got an Instagram and am uber obsessed with it and today I just thought I would search “bulldog” and see what I got, this immense cuteness was just TOO much not to share!

*These are not my photos.  Hold cursor over photo for the Instagram source : )


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