If you see one show in Vegas..

..please do yourself a favor and go to the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Show!  He plays 6 days a week and it is only $25 for a VIP seat on his website, so not only will you enjoy the most entertaining show in Vegas but you will even have money left over to see other shows, or just gamble and drink, whatever your fancy 😉

Before you start to think “Comedy hypnosis.. this sounds like one hot mess..” let me assure you, it is, but in the best of ways possible!  I was super skeptical about this at first, and it was my boyfriend who had seen an advertisement on the strip and decided we should go.  For project graduation we had had a “hypnotist” and while it was funny,  judging by that experience, I would never have paid to see one another time.  I am really glad I gave it another chance though, this was definitely the most fun we had in Vegas!

First of all, the tickets were super easy to purchase; you order them online with a credit/debit card and simply pick them up right outside the show a few minutes before show time.  No extra fees or anything! 

Second of all, it is absolutely hilarious.  This was not my G-rated project graduation show.  Marc Savard is an entertainer, and while the show is different every night  and depends on the audience volunteers he definitely puts the life in the participants.  You can tell he is a professional and has been doing this for, I believe 19 years.

How it works:

After a couple opening tricks to get people interested he asks for any and all audience member participants who care to join him on-stage.  I really thought that was neat.  There was essentially no limit on volunteers, about 30 or so people made their way to the stage at our show, but he said they would try to accomodate anyone who wanted to participate.  After they get the initial volunteers on-stage, he starts the hypnotizing process.  They only end up keeping 8-10 people up there for the duration of the show and it is simply based on who is getting more hypnotized.  Those 8-10 are then up there for pretty much a full hour making you laugh!

If you have doubts about whether or not hypnotisim is real of if this really works, let me assure you.  My boyfriend was one of the volunteers who ended up staying up there for the duration of the show.  He did NOT disappoint!  I knew he was really hypnotized about 10 minutes in when he started doing things that he would not normally do, let alone in front of a room full of people.  For instance, he is a police officer but doesn’t really like to just talk about that, he doesn’t mind people knowing, but he just doesn’t like to be like “I know this because I’m a cop” or “As a cop I would say ______”.  He is just very low-key about it.  The whole show he was saying things like “Call the cops” or “Don’t call the cops”.  After the show was over he also had no memory of what he had done on stage which was also fun to try to explain to him the outlandish things he was doing, such as the fact that everytime Marc shook his hand he had “jock itch”.. I really thought he would be sore down there from how feverishly he was itching! LOL  Other highlights of the show were when they turned his belt into a snake (which he HATES) and he literally ninja jumped the bench onstage to hide.  Other high points include: the guy Marc made fun of and told to pick up his imaginary “purse” which he proceeded to hold the rest of the evening and the hilarious gentlement who got enraged when Marc didn’t remember his name (which Marc gave him at the beginning of the show): E-I-E-I-O!  

Marc Savard trully brings the personality out of people, you would have thought they was actors for how great and entertaining they all turned out to be!

The best part.. you can purchase the live show you just witnessed for $40.  You might think this is steep but let me assure you, especially if you or a friend gets hypnotized you will continue the entertainment for yourself and others by showing off the video of their night of stardom!  In addition, Marc gives each participant who ends up staying on stage the duration of the show 2 free tickets to come back anytime (ours are good through December) that way the participant can actually see the show from the audience since they were hypnotized and won’t likely remember.  I thought that was a really nice touch!  Marc and his lovely assistant Jacky who is also full of personality even do meet and greets after the show.  Just trust me on this, if you enjoy a good laugh, please make sure you check this out next time you are in Vegas and pass the word along to anyone you know going. 

The show is at the V Theatre in the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops.  Marc announced at our show that they just re-signed their contract with the V Theatre for I think it was 5 more years, so this should definitely be around if you go in the near future!

Here is a picture from the show we went to where the participants go “crazy face disease” when they tried to smile: 


I wish I could include the whole DVD I purchased with my boyfriend as the star, but these past show clips will have to do as an example of what you can expect 🙂 (I would have embedded these except I’m at work and this computer is a bit old school):

Chinese Speaker

New Record

Blonde Girl with 11 Fingers?




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