Not the normal post: please read! :)

Usually I post on here about fun things I’m doing, pictures I’ve taken, cool places I’ve seen to shop, and that’s all great..

But today I am posting about something much different and way more important.

Tonight I just wrote my second check of the year to this great charity that never turns a child or family away because of inability to pay: St. Jude Children Research Hospital.

Cancer in any form is one of the most devastating diseases of our era, and how much sadder when it affects children!

My purpose in posting this is not to brag about my donation, because it is tiny ($15 each time) but to pose to all of my great friends on here the idea that if I can find a tiny bit to donate, perhaps some of you will be able to find a little bit to donate as well!

Every little bit helps, and to think that your few spare dollars could possibly help an innocent child, get their final treatment to cure them of their horrible cancer and allow them to go on to lead a full, wonderful life, as all children should have the chance too.. wouldn’t that be great!!

You can click the link to their website and donate right on the site with a credit card or you can be old-fashioned like me and mail a check! It is all tax-deductible, so since you would have already paid this money in taxes here is a chance to pick where some of it goes!!

Like it, share it, pass it on, donate, encourage your friends to donate, and if nothing else say a prayer for all of the children, doctors and families that are struggling through this everyday! That is one thing everyone can do 🙂

Additionally, while I think it is absolutely awesome to promote good causes, and encourage people to donate sometimes I find it ineffective when it is coming from people who just want to tell you about it, but don’t actually want to do anything themselves.  I hope that my honesty and my real action for this cause (albeit a small action) could help really encourage you to try to do the same.

Everyone can’t give to everything, although this is one of the top causes I have ever come across, if you already have things you donate too GREAT!! Even better if you don’t and this will encourage you to find something you are passionate about to donate too!  And even MORE fantastic if you donate and you can find an extra couple dollars to send to St. Judes!

My blog tells me I have 64 followers.. if only those 64 people donated just $5 each that would be $320!!  It is easy to see how a meager donation can really add up and make a difference!! If you are able please donate with me! 🙂

“All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don’t discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”             –Danny Thomas


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