This past week I..

.. saw my youngest sibling graduate from high school

.. almost witnessed a fist-fight over seats at said graduation

.. started 2 summer school classes, accounting and statistics..

.. picked my younger sister up from the airport where she flew in from Greece

.. did 4 zumba classes.. 2 of which were in one day

.. finally bought some comfortable work-out pants

.. had to buy new sheets because I ripped my 3-year-old ones making the bed ( it’s all those zumba classes 😉 )

.. had dinner and drinks with a new work friend

.. dropped my hours way down at work to accommodate my crazy summer school schedule

.. got to see my puppy at home

.. figured out I won’t have enough money to visit my friend in NYC this summer 😦

.. rescued the fastest turtle me and my sister had ever seen

.. had a couple of God sends, my accounting book came earlier than expected and right in the nick of time, and very nearly avoided a  wreck in my apartment parking lot

.. went to Whole Foods for the first time

.. found a pair of sunglasses I’ve been missing for over 6 months!

.. spent Memorial Day with great friends at a gorgeous lakehouse

.. still haven’t gotten the haircut I desperately need

.. watched a marathon of dvred “Selling LA”, “Sisterwives”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”

.. added more items from my parents house to my new storage unit (I’m finally understanding why people have garages)

.. spent the night with my best friend and her sweet baby (2 yr old) from which I was woken up with a forehead kiss ❤

.. ate at my favorite mexican restaurant ever!

.. sent leads to multiple friends for jobs

.. took our family Christmas picture early.. no one knew about it or were prepared with clothes.. therefore I think there turned out to be about 4 different prints and a plaid in the picture.. this will be the funniest picture yet!

.. finally got the Florence + The Machine cd from my sister.. and I LOVE IT!

.. and ate some AMAZING red velvet cake.


5 thoughts on “This past week I..

  1. Wow, you never been to Whole Foods until last week? How did you like it? I love it, but it would be better if I could afford to buy more there and it if it wasn’t always so crowded!

    -Yay for your sunglasses! Its always exciting to find something you lost forever ago.

    -Where was the red velvet cake from? Target makes a pretty good one, but there is always better quality.

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