The only product you will ever need for amazing hair!

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure hairtherapy REPAIR RESCUE Sealed Ends

Same product, I used to get it in the packaging with the blue, but last time my mom found it it was with the red, so I think they are in the middle of switching their packaging.

Let me start by saying THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING.  I have used multiple leave in products on my hair in the past and didn’t like a single one of them.  Heat protectants smelled funny, took to much effort spraying all over, made my hair oily, didn’t seem to be doing much, ect.  When I got this from my stylist I admit I didn’t expect very much, I figure they always just try to sell you stuff and it probably doesn’t make that much difference.  I was TOTALLY wrong!

First of all, it takes a tiny amount of the product, I have hair down almost to my butt and I use a little less than a dime size.  I put it on after I get out of the shower and my hair has started to dry a little but is still wet (just not dripping wet).  I squirt a bit on my fingers rub it around on all my other fingers and then start at the ends of my hair and work it all over my head.

Not only does this product seem to help keep my hair healthy and reduce split ends, but it leaves my hair feeling ridiculously soft, and doesn’t feel stiff or oily in your hair!  It literally feels like you have zero product in your hair and it is just your best hair ever!!

I have used this product for years now, without much thought, just as part of my routine, and when I ran out recently and didn’t have a new bottle to start I had to go without it for several days.  My hair literally felt like grass or sticks, dry, brittle, just gross feeling really.  And as soon as I got a new  bottle, loveliness once again.  The same thing happened to my mom, she has way different hair than me, my hair is naturally straight to wavy, hers is curly and she had run out as well but she had also run out of another product she uses on her curls.  She had told me that her hair felt horrible but she thought it could have been the lack of either product.  Low and behold, she said as soon as she got some more Sealed Ends her hair felt amazing once again even without her curl product.

The only downside about this product is it can be a little hard to find.  My hair stylist sells it, so I can get it from her, also my mom said she found it at an Ulta (I couldn’t see it on their online site though, so might not be every store).  Other than that the easiest place to get it might be online.  My mom has always gotten it for right around $22.  But I wouldn’t even say that is a downside because one little tube can last me at least 6 months if not longer, and with hair shorter than mine could last you a year probably.  Plus for how great this product makes my hair feel I would probably pay $50 for this stuff!! That’s how great it is!!

If you are interested in trying some, which I definitely hope you do, I have found it online a couple places sells it for the amount I noted above ($22) and I even found it on Amazon for $7.80!!  What a steal!!  Also, if you don’t want to mess with buying it online most hair stylists can order products such as these if you are interested.  So talk to your stylist as well!! If anyone else tries it let me know if you are as pleased with it as I am!  I am sure you will be!!  Happy Hair 🙂


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