My unproductive and amazing weekend.

: Went to visit the family

: Baked a yellow cake with classic chocolate (fudge) frosting [ the BEST kind of cake ]

: Played cards

: Drank wine, and “Pope’s wine” my sister brought back from Greece

: Played dress up with my sister

: Hugged and held my medium sized dog who believes himself to be much smaller

: Started the process of uploading Vegas pictures

: Finally got my hair cut @ 6:45 on Saturday morning (SHOULD BE ILLEGAL)

: Ate Italian food

: Went to a Members Only nightclub for my friends going away party – it was cooler than clubs I’ve been to in Vegas!  My friend had a private photographer, and gave us a tour of the “back room” that was unlocked by his face recognition.

: Found out the next day to be a member there it is a one time fee of $5,000 and $200 a month dues.  Hahahaha.. at least I’ll have my memories!

: Brought one of my friends with me who I hardly get to hang out with!

: Went grocery shopping and found it super relaxing.

: Bought $5 flowers for my table

: Cooked dinner for the boyfriend

: Stupidly bought Netflix (stupid because I am still in the peak of my summer school madness)

: Watched Original Sin – my favorite Angelina Jolie movie

: Found out I made an 81 on my Stats test, which means I don’t have to drop it and after next Wednesday I will be done with it forever!


3 thoughts on “My unproductive and amazing weekend.

  1. Doesn’t seem to be unproductive does it? You did quiet so much!
    PS: How in the world were you able to get up at 6.45 on a Saturday morning? I’m always too lazy on weekends 😀
    Could you substantiate on playing dress up please? Are you and your sister the same age or what? 😉

    • I know, I’m lazy too on the weekends and I went right back to sleep afterwards. My sister is 4 years younger than me, I was trying to find on outfit to wear out later that night and she kept making me put on all this gaudy jewelry, and then she made me put on her giant tiara she has and a sash, so I looked like I was in a pageant… it was pretty funny.

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