little things.

A good friend pointed out to me lately that I am one of the most optimistic people she knows and lately I’ve been being extra pessimistic, and I needed to find joy in the little things.   Sometimes you need that, actually I think a lot of times you need that.  Not somebody to tell you what you are doing wrong, not somebody to criticize you, but a friend that isn’t afraid to be real with you, in a nice way.  To call you out sometimes when you need it, to give you some perspective.

So starting with that, one little thing, or big thing really, that I am thankful for is for good friends, real friends, and friends with opinions who aren’t afraid to share them.  I for one really need that, because Lord knows I have a whole heck of a lot of opinions myself, so it is good to take a turn on the receiving end for a change.

I am really thankful for my knee feeling much better today.  As you might know, I am a little bit obsessed with zumba, and some combination of too much zumba, other workouts, and heel wearing strained my knee last week.  All this week I have been heating/icing it and haven’t worked out AT ALL to let it rest and heal up.  It has been REALLY hard not doing zumba, and harder not doing any kind of exercise since I have been keeping up with it so well and seeing nice results, one week off can put you back a ways in your progress sometimes and it has been a struggle emotionally and mentally making myself stay home and at the same time be worried about when my knee will feel normal again.  And today seems to be the most improvement all week!  I am making myself stay off of it at least until Sunday and I hope it will continue to keep feeling better until I notice no difference between that knee and my other knee.

This minor knee issue has also made me really appreciate my normally great health in general.  Sometimes when you are just fine you take that for granted, you forget that so many people don’t have that luxury.  That they struggle daily to do things that you don’t even think twice about.  After how put off I felt this week I will definitely be appreciating my health more, and am going to start saying more prayers for other people’s health especially those struggling with major illness or ailments.

Well these were both actually “big things” I suppose those are good to appreciate too, now for some actual “little things”:

>> I ordered a pair of deeply discounted jeans from a designer I like and two weeks later they finally come in, and *drum roll*.. fit like a glove!  Isn’t that a happy moment?!  When you order clothing or shoes online and you are basically holding your breath until they get there to try them on and they ACTUALLY fit!?  I think this happens like 1 out of 5 times for me, so naturally cause for mini celebration 🙂

>> I got free dinner tonight for working a meeting after work.  And got additional hours.

>> ADDED bonus:  The dinner was baked potatoes which I usually wouldn’t order if I had a choice of something else, but they were topped with meat and bar-b-q sauce, and I wasn’t going to complain so I ate it.. and LOVED it!  That potato didn’t even stand a chance.. 5 minutes later all that was left was the aluminum foil it was cooked in!

>> My boss told me there is a small chance I might get a raise!  Definitely not expecting that, so if I don’t no big deal but think it is pretty cool that all on his own he is “fighting” for one for me!  Like Jimmy Fallon says on that credit card commercial: “Who doesn’t like more cash?!”

>> Since I have finals next week they are letting me take off one of the two days a week I’ve been working due to the summer school schedule.  And this is why if I didn’t get a raise I’d still be happy!

>> I had a coupon for milk that was still more expensive than I wanted to spend, so I put it back in my pocket, loading up my car with my groceries I noticed the lady loading hers next to me had that brand of milk my coupon was for.  I asked her if she always bought that brand and she said she did, that she liked the taste a lot better but if it keeps going up in price she’d have to switch to a cheaper brand.  I pulled out my coupon and told her I wouldn’t be using it anyway and since she liked that brand she could have it.  I’m not sure if I made her day, but I know if someone did that to me it would probably make my day.  She then noticed we had the same brand of car and started chatting me up about that, I then offered to take her cart to the cart return since I had one to take as well, and she told me to have a great day and left.

What I think I enjoyed the most was getting to hopefully be a “little thing” in someone else’s day and not only that but actually reach out and communicate with a complete stranger.  I like to think this used to happen much more, and that nowadays with cell phones and social media and internet everywhere we are constantly connected to that and not the world around us.  I think I am going to use this success to try to do something like that more often.  To not be afraid to talk to a random stranger especially if I can do something nice for them that doesn’t cost me a thing.  And who knows maybe that lady will “pay it forward” and we can start a wave movement.  Haha.. or better yet, just start the movement of being nice to and look out for one another.  Actually “treating our neighbor the way we’d want to be treated”.  I know it’s old school but I’d like to think there is still a chance to keep values and kindness in our society 🙂

>> My flowers I got Sunday are still looking pretty good.. small miracle!

>> A week from today I can put this first summer session of classes behind me!

>> I found out I might be able to graduate with my masters a semester early.  Not saying I will, but I am happy to have the option!

>> Cooked on Sunday and got to eat the leftovers ALL week, that is the BEST!

>> The lady that lives two floors below me made small talk with me as we were both walking towards our building.

>> One of my favorite bloggers who just had a baby is back to posting!

>> I have been finding the best online clothing sales!  Although I haven’t bought much.

>> My bestfriend/soulmate just bought and moved into her first house with her little family!

>> I got invited to a Magic Mike/ Shades of Grey party involving “male dancers” HA HA HA!  People are so hilarious and ingenious, I swear!

>> I got to layout this week and get a couple shades darker.

>> Tomorrow (later today) is FRIDAY!

>> I have $200 saved up so far for my “real camera” that is one of my goals to buy this year.

>> Soon and very soon I will get to start enjoying my summer more fully!

>> I have now published over 100 posts!  I think this is 103!

>> I am going to sleep.. NOW : )


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