The Double-Edged Sword of Shipment Tracking

Lately, I have been going a bit overboard with ordering things off the internet.  Not that I have all that much money to be spending I just keep finding great items on sale and can’t help myself.  However, one of the largest downsides of internet shopping is the lack of instant gratification, and my lack of patience.  When I type in my credit card information and press the “Purchase” button, and am issued a receipt… I want my stuff.  I find it really tortuous to have to wait sometimes up to two weeks to then get whatever I have just bought.  Obviously this is a 1st world problem, and isn’t REALLY that bad.  I mean some people walk miles to get water.  But it still is pretty annoying.  What is almost even worse is how you can track basically anything you buy.  Some people might love this, oh great I know exactly when it will be here and all of the many states and cities it passes through on its way here.  But on the contrary, when you KNOW exactly where you package is at all times, when it got there, when it left out, when it is supposed to be getting to you, I find that I start wondering why exactly it has to sit 30 minutes away from me for half a day when I would gladly go pick it up.  (Oh, but they don’t won’t let you do that, sadly).  Then on the day it is supposed to be here “by end of the day”, I am even more anxious… because what if it comes sooner?  How many times can I check my apartment office in one day before it becomes excessive?  And what exactly is “end of the day”?  *Sigh*  I guess I’d rather just imagine my package off in package land and be pleasantly surprised when it finally shows up 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Double-Edged Sword of Shipment Tracking

  1. LOL I feel your pain, but oddly enough I kind of like the anticipation of waiting. It makes you feel so excited once it finally arrives, but then you must go buy something else to get the same high (like a drug haha). And as far as tracking, I like seeing where my package is, but yes it is frustrating when it takes so long to be delivered once it is closeby. Have you actually asked if you could pick it up? lol because I admit I have wanted to, but didn’t want to look crazy asking haha. And I’m pretty sure it always says end of day so they can cover themselves in case it ends up being dropped off late, but it should come whenever your mail normally arrives. I clearly order a lot of things online with the looks at how long this comment is hahaha.

    • Hahaha yeah I’ve actually called and asked before because in the town I live in they don’t have a UPS, like it comes near us and then the truck goes out from there to here. But its like a warehouse it comes to, not like an open store like USPS, so there is no local phone number, I just call their 800 number and they said there is no way of knowing if its gone out yet, still there, and there is no way for me to come pick it up 😦

  2. So true! Sometimes i wait so long i forget i ordered it and when i find it outside its like christmas!(sept i spent my own money lol)

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