Life can be so random, ironic and surprising sometimes, even in the littlest of ways.  Starting with this picture here are the ways I’ve been feeling it particularly in my life lately:

>> Last week there was a building here.. this week there is only half a building.  They are doing more of this around campus and I am hoping to be able to actually figure out when the demolition is occurring and going to watch.  I find it absolutely fascinating how they implode these things straight down.  I’ve seen it on TV and even that was cool.  Sounds nerdy but I would go bring a lawn chair, some snacks, and camp out.. it would be just like fireworks except reverse, and less colorful! Haha

>> I went into the first summer session taking Accounting and Statistics, I thought okay, I can get through Statistics, Accounting is going to be rough.  Ending up having a fabulous Accounting professor and absolutely loved it and made an “A”.  Statistics on the other hand was a nightmare, worst professor I have ever had, and the work was just insane.  Then this summer session I have the 2nd Accounting and my first Finance (at 8am).  I am NOT a morning person and have never taken Finance.  So I’m thinking okay, Finance is going to be rough and Accounting will be great because the first one went so well.  Not the case again.  I absolutely LOVE my Finance class, I find it super interesting, and the teacher is amazing and breaks things down into the simplest of terms even I can understand.  He also has a lot of energy and keeps things moving so besides getting myself out of bed and getting there he has no problem keeping me awake and attentive.  Accounting on the other hand, isn’t so great.  The teacher isn’t half as good as the first one, she can’t explain things as well and she just drags along.  So even though that class is at 10am and Finance is at 8am I am WAY more tired in her 10am class.

>> I finally get into a good routine here for the last couple months doing tons of Zumba and other workouts during the week and seeing really good results and feeling great, and then my knee starts giving me problems and I have to stop for 2 weeks and I go back to square one.  Just hope I can get back in a routine and my knee doesn’t give me anymore problems.

>> Got sent an AARP card in the mail, a couple months ago with my name on it, telling me they noticed I haven’t registered even though I am “fully eligible”.  HAHAH, I laughed so hard when I got that.   Then I discover I have a pattern of a low white blood cell count and one of the things my doctor runs a test for (probably also because of the last bullet) is rheumatoid arthritis….. not sure if I have that or not, but now I’m thinking AARP knew something I didn’t hahaha!

>> The one night I get in bed before 3am, I can’t fall asleep until 3am.

>> Only started getting close to a friend I’ve had forever in the couple months leading up to her moving! 😦 At least now I’ll have a friend to visit in Colorado!

>> Ordered 3 pairs of jeans, all the same exact size, two even the same brand… one fits, one is too big and one is too small.

>> The day I was having a really bad day and could have used church even more than usual, I was running late and thought I would miss it, rushed to get there and missed it anyway because just for that week they had a special dinner so they had moved it an hour earlier and I didn’t know.

I’m sure there are more because lately I keep thinking there are a lot popping up, but this is all that I can remember for now, and I have to get to studying for my first Accounting test of the semester tomorrow.  And first Finance test Friday!



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