Stormy skies and productive days

Today I…

.. woke up 15 minutes early

.. made a 100% (only one in the class) on my first Finance test

.. got my tires balanced and rotated

.. watched my DVR of the Olympic Gymnastic Trials

.. actually did some accounting studying

.. mailed off a little surprise to my friend who just moved 🙂

.. finally sent back a couple of internet shopping items that didn’t work out

.. took the bridesmaid dress I wore in a wedding 3 weeks ago to the cleaners finally

.. priced invites for our first sorority alumna social (since I just became social chair)

.. wandered around Target for an hour (I’m not sure if that actually counts as being productive)

.. finally bought some new multivitamins, I LOVE gummies for adults!

.. got a new umbrella since mine has seen much better days and lately it is storm central here

.. got an Icee.. one of my favorite treats!

.. went to the hematologist, because my white blood count has been low, but she said since all else is healthy with me we are just gonna check back in in a couple months.. great news!

.. read some of my “nightstand” book I’ve been inching through for months, “Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense & Sensibility” by Mireille Guiliano the popular author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” (I haven’t read that one yet though) – I am really enjoying the book, I’ll probably do a blog on it when I finish it 🙂

.. went grocery shopping

.. cooked dinner

.. DIDN’T take a nap (a rather huge feat for me during this crazy 8am-noon summer school schedule

.. cleaned out my fridge

.. was on my computer less than 2 hours total  (I am sure I come close to probably 4-5 hours a day average, I have really GOT to cut back a bit)

.. hung out with the bf

Hopefully this productivity thing will carry on into tomorrow, Tuesdays and Thursdays are always the longest because I work in the afternoons after summer school, but I do get the great reward of Zumba at the end of them 🙂



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