Campus Style: Kirstie

Meet my friend Kirstie, who is currently suffering through Accounting summer school with me, and was nice enough to let me snap a couple pics of her outfit.

I got this idea for a new feature awhile back, thinking: a lot of my friends have such great personal style and they dress cute even when they are just going to class.  I thought it would be fun since I don’t do too many style posts of my own to do inpromtu style posts of my fabulous friends when I catch them looking their casual best!

Kirstie came to class wearing this outfit that I thought really defined the fashion of the moment.  I love that it looks so effortless and comfy but still clearly put together and stylish.  I wasn’t at all surprised, though, as Kirstie is a fashion major and usually has the most easy going, chic ensembles.  Kirstie is a bit soft spoken but probably one of my most hilarious friends, she is constantly surprising me whether it be confessing her love for Drake (when I didn’t even know she listened to rap music) or making the funniest faces.  She is one of those people that doesn’t have to be in your face to command attention, such an admirable quality, I think.  I enjoy the outfits she comes up with and love when she tells me she just threw something together because I is usually ten times better than what I can come up with when I have planned it out.  I can’t wait to see what she does down the road, and I’m hoping she will share her style tips along the way 🙂

*Since this was a trial run I only had my camera phone so you will have to excuse the quality of the pictures.


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