Summer school finals eve..

I’ve really been pondering a lot lately, not sure exactly how because my fat little brain is stuffed to the brim with Accounting and Finance.  And I know I have been pretty sparse on here lately but summer school ends tomorrow (Thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph) and hopefully the blog will start being moderately more exciting once again 🙂  I’ll leave you with my seemingly appropriate thought for the day..

“I am far from perfect, and definitely not the world’s smartest person but I am continuously amazed by the amount of mediocrity, lack of common sense and promptness of excuses in the world around me… where have standards and work ethic gone?  The keys to success and happiness have never changed people, there is not some magic trick, if you want it you just have to wake up everyday with an undying willingness to fight for it.”

You’re welcome 😉


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