England, they sure know how to present.

I find it only appropriate that I share this post with you now.  I have been absolutely LOVING watching the Olympics, although not really loving the format.  I want to see the whole gymnastics meet, and not just the highlighters!  But it has been truly fabulous all the same.

I got this amazing mini perfume sampler from Penhaligon’s (which I had discovered in Vegas back in May) about a month ago, but couldn’t share right away because I got one for a good friend as well and didn’t want to ruin her surprise.  I was thoroughly impressed with the presentation and the quality.  My favorite scent was in this grouping but I hadn’t smelled any of the others and was pleasantly surprised when I loved them all and my mom noted one scent in particular smelled like something her mother used to wear when she was a child.

Could you believe I got this for only $30 on sale?!  I can’t wait for more to go on sale so I can buy some larger bottles!!


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