A new take – on an old church – in an Australian accent.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE don’t close out this page if you aren’t religious, or Catholic, or Christian or have a faith at all.  I promise that what I am about to share with you can have meaning and inspiration for ANYONE of any background.  Give it a chance 🙂

I am definitely not one to push my religious or spiritual beliefs on anyone.  And I am definitely a believer in finding inspiration in all kinds of different places, different religions, tv shows, music ect.  My mother gave me a cd of this Catholic speaker, Matthew Kelly.  His message is not just a religious one, but a human one: to become the best version of yourself.  But before listening I didn’t have that high of expectations.  I’ve been Catholic my whole life, at some points more or less Catholic than at others but I have been a person of strong faith and love for God continuously, through out.  In my experience of being Catholic I have gone to great, amazing, inspiring churches with perfect priests that make you glad you are there and give you a sense of growth and peace in your faith, and other churches have been just so-so.  But I always have a thirst for the type of experience I have gotten from the best churches.  For instance, parish missions, and the speakers they bring in are usually wonderfully rich in emotion, teaching, and spirituality and renewal of faith.  But those only happen at my parents church once a year, and I have never had one at another church I’ve been too.  This guy reminds me of those parish missions and the best churches I have been too all wrapped into one.  And I absolutely love that I don’t have to live near him to enjoy his stories, humor or message.  I now have one of his cds my mother gave me “The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality” and one of his books “Rediscover Catholicism” and he has many more, and most available at free or no cost.  I can keep these amazing gems of faith and inspiration for my daily life as a great resource for renewed faith and courage.

These are 3 videos that make up one of the pillars he talks about the mass.  But this could easily apply to any type of religious service if you are of another faith.  These videos made me tear up and made me laugh, and even made me say “Wow” out loud at points.  This guy is such a fantastic speaker and story teller, and life coach.  I truly believe even if you aren’t religious you will get something out of these videos and more out of the whole talk, that this excerpt is taken from (The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality).  Even though it is Catholic specific so many of the things he talks about are so general to anyone’s life and I am sure you can find a way to see them applicable to your life.  I am sharing these videos and Matthew Kelly himself because just listening to his program, on a long drive home, when I was doubtful touched me so profoundly that I honestly think it would be completely wrong not to share this.  I sincerely hope this will touch you and bring you as much joy and richness as it has brought me.  I feel so strongly that this type of  deep insight, reflection and self betterment is not only what the Catholic church needs, but what America and the whole world needs.  When we are focused on becoming our best selves our own lives change for the better and with them, little by little the whole world.  Feel free to share your thoughts or feedback!  I’d love to hear what you think!!

Did this intrigue you?!  Check out the Dynamic Catholic website for more great food for thought and tons of free resources including books, cds and dvds,  that only cost you the price of shipping!


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