Sick day

Sure wish sick days were the same in grad school as they were when you were a kid.  Would love to just curl up with some soup and a movie and not leave my house all day.  I have somehow already managed to “get behind” with school work, and I consider it a great accomplishment that I didn’t cry in the library last night when I realized I had waiting too long to start my Finance homework and wouldn’t be finishing it by the deadline.  The silver lining is I have an amazing boss at work who is letting me take off the whole week to get better and catch up.  Now I just have to buckle down, crappy cold and all and get myself back on track.  Oh, and did I mention I have my first Accounting test Thursday night.  Prayers would greatly be appreciated for all of the aforementioned challenges this week.  Also, I should probably consider buying stock in cold medicine..


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