Today is my golden birthday.  I just found out what a golden birthday was a couple years ago, so I’m glad I didn’t miss it before I knew!  Had to sign papers at my job today about the “Reduction in Force” aka my getting laid off because of budget cuts.  It’s been an awesome part-time job, and I would have had to quit in a year or less when I graduate with my masters, but it still isn’t fun.  But as things happen, doors close and doors open.  A great friend heard about a part-time job opening that might fit me perfectly right now.  I sent them my contact info, and I have an interview tomorrow morning.  Guess there won’t be any crazy birthday shenanigans tonight, but that’s okay because I was planning to celebrate Friday anyways, and I just discovered ‘Nashville’ on demand.  Here’s to another year of being young and taking this crazy, wonderful life as it comes.


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