Hauntingly beautiful music is probably my favorite ever.  Raw.. emotion filled.. dreamy.. chill; the kind of music that just climbs into your chest and digs into your soul.  If you don’t have an idea about what I’m talking about.. think a “Twilight-esque” vibe.  Or better yet.. just take a listen.

This guy I discovered last night is pretty much the definition of haunting.  I heard a 10 second blip on a movie trailer, typed in the couple words of the lyrics I had heard and found him.  I was immediately infatuated!  I cannot get enough of this guy.  I went on iTunes and downloaded all of his songs (20) and they have been on constant repeat ever since.  No one I know had heard of him yet, which is fun but at the same time surprising because he is awesome.

World, meet Sanders Bohlke!  This is the song I heard first, and my favorite, but every song is just as good as the last!  Enjoy and share!!



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