New year, new name: ‘lilac lane’.

(that rhymed hahaha)

Hope you lovlies noticed the new name : ) It’s not really new.. its my name on Pinterest and Instagram and kind of my pseudonym.  When I was little we used to have lilac bushes in our front yard.. I always thought Lilac Lane sounded like the perrrrfect street to live on.  Plus it matches my initials so thought it would be a good name to use for stuff like this.  Plus frenchtippedwanderlust is a bit long ha ha!!  And I’m another year older, so good time for a change?  I’d say so!!

Also, due to the new name the website address has changed, if you were already following me you should still be following me but if you had this booked marked or otherwise you’ll need to change it.  New address: [ ]

October has been super-de-duper hectic so I apologize for the absence.  MBA conferences, weekend trips with friends, midterms, breast cancer awareness month (my sorority’s philanthropy), what HAVEN’T I done this month?!

But I should be back posting a bit more often!  So thanks for sticking around people.  This is such a fun outlet for me, and if you people enjoy it as well.. well that’s just icing on the cake.. or meringue on the pie, and I prefer to say : )

Hope everyone has been having a great fall, the whether where I’m at hasn’t really given us a fall.. talking 85 degrees most days people.. all of these cute sweaters are going to such waste!

All for now, don’t forget to check your tatas ladies and men remind someone you know to check theirs!  Ohhhh and get out and vote people!!


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