Caught in the rain

Last night I was out jogging, and the temperature had started dropping, a cold front was blowing in and a light rain started blowing down.  Instead of immediately running for the car I went and stood under a nearby tree where I was virtually kept dry.  I thought the rain might let up and I wanted to try to wait it out for a few minutes so I could finish my jog.  Even though there was a small building nearby with an awning, I choose the tree to stand under.  That might seem odd because I still got a little mist on me.  But I honestly thought of the tree before the building.   It just seemed natural, organic.  It was an amazingly, peaceful feeling standing under that huge tree in the quiet dark as the rain danced to the ground under the lights around me.  Today, in our fast paced, highly technologically advanced world I feel like we often lose our connection with the world, with nature, with the natural ebb and flow of life, and with God which I believe all of these things are.

I sometimes worry about my fellow humans.  I begin to think they have lost their survival instincts, their ability to really survive.  Like if life turned into one big Hunger Games or Lost or something along those lines that the majority of people I know would simply curl up in a corner and wait.  I have this hugely evident survival instinct within myself.  Me and my mother were talking about it the other day.  She said with the state of the world some of her friends are really worried, they play out scenarios like: “if x happens, WHAT would we do”, and “that would surely be the end of our country or our world”.  My mom continued, that she felt sorry for these people who don’t have fight, or the wherewithal to continue and make due with the circumstances given.  She said, “I grew up on a farm dirt poor.. I have instilled what I could into you kids, we know how to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.. and carry on.. and can learn how to make due and survive in any situation”.

It struck me when she said all that that some people could really be without that.  That they have grown so accustomed to things in this world if one single thing was removed from the picture they simply wouldn’t know how to go on.  And you also don’t have to wait for the sky falling to see this.  It’s apparent in everyday life.. its the difference between problem solvers and those who roll with the punches and those who don’t believe disaster will hit them and have to be rescued from their roof tops by helicopter after a major flood or hurricane.

I grew up reading Laura Ingles Wilder, historical fiction, the Boxcar Children.  It was almost a fantasy to experience those primitive circumstances to let your inner strength and will shine.  So standing under that tree, completely at peace, I wondered how many others, today, would see that huge amazing tree as a dry safe place, and would wait patiently for the rain to pass, or how many would simply feel the rain coming, and not even think to look for a dry place nearby, not even see the protection the tree could offer and simply run to the car and go home to their dry houses?

It is amazing what the world already provides, that we no longer use, I hope we don’t forget how to.  I hope our survival instincts don’t die, and I hope our appreciation and understanding of the world around us doesn’t dissipate.  I hope we don’t lose our roots.  The implications of such things would simply be the end to us before any circumstance could be.


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