Creature love.

Meet Bentley.  He is a Llewellyn English Setter.  He is as lovable as a human being, probably more so.  He likes to squish himself into tight spaces; like the couch and the ottoman.  He sees people give hugs, so he gives them too.  His bark changes from normal to a high-pitched frantic squeal when he recognizes one of his people.  Sometimes his head hairs stand up like a silly mo-hawk all on their own.  Swimming is his favorite past-time, with others or alone.  He will let you know he is ready to play toy by carrying it over and bumping you with it.  Mom can’t complete most of her chores such as pool-cleaning without his careful assistance.  He gets really sad when Dad wheels out his luggage to leave for the week.  He is missing a few marbles, has been known to make the same mistakes over and over again (he really promises he will never run out of the gate or pee on our car tires EVER again) but how could you not love a sweet angel baby like him.




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