My Olive Garden fantasy.

So this is what happens when I don’t eat out very often.  I get SERIOUS “fat kid cravings” as I like to call them.  And MAN did I eat my weight in Olive Garden in the last 24 hours.  The best part was I basically made 4 meals out of it, so while Olive Garden tends to be a little pricey this ended up being about $5 a meal!

The salad came so smartly packaged and was perfect to take to work today.  I have always just thought their bread sticks were okay, but after finally breaking down and getting the alfredo dipping sauce with them… ohmygoodness did that change my opinion.  I had to give the rest of the bag away for fear I would eat all 6 of them myself.  Geez Louise!  In case you were wondering what this main dish of deliciousness is: Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo people!!  Steak.. and pasta.. mixed.. yeah.. it is as amazing as it sounds!  And as you can see I had PLENTY of left-overs for tonight.

I might just have to make take-out from Olive Garden a monthly tradition.  The only thing better than Olive Garden yesterday, was Olive Garden again today.  YUM!

*side note – I will be doing a SERIOUS workout tonight.. hahaha.. my thighs don’t want this quite as much as my stomach did!


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