the perfect $20 pump

**Click any of the pictures to be taken straight to the buy page**

Forever 21 is always hit or miss, but these babies are a serious HIT!  Super classic and in a great variation of color, who could say no to these for $20!  You could literally get all 4 pairs for $80 which is sometimes cheaper than one pair at Aldo or Baker’s.

I first fell in love with this shoe when I purchased a Cobalt blue they offered back in April.  The best part was at the time I was really looking for this style of pink heel and found it at Aldo for $90.  I bought both and sitting them next to each other in my closet the difference are extremely minuscule.  (Trust me if they had offered the shoe in pink at Forever I wouldn’t have wasted my precious pennies at Aldo.)

So you can imagine my delight when I walked into Forever 21 a couple weeks ago and saw my shoe again, in MORE colors!  I am really hoping they are doing well with this style and keep introducing new colors every season because I will probably buy all of them.

I love the faux suede because #1 I personally can’t tell the difference between faux suede and real suede, especially not on a shoe and #2 I think they look more refined then, say, patent leather.  I love the classic style of this shoe because it is perfect for any and all occasions: work, school, church, interview, date, a night out.. you name it.. and just timeless, really.

I am so sad because before I got to order they were already out of my size in the black!  (So order FAST ladies!)  But I bought the tan and the burgundy (which is this seasons infamous “oxblood”).  One of the great things about ordering them online is that unlike Forever 21’s in-store return or exchange policy you can actually return your stuff online for a full-refund.

Thanks, Forever 21, for such a great shoe at an affordable price, keep the colors coming 🙂


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