Well this past year has looked and felt a lot like this stunning sunrise I witnessed the other morning: beautiful as life always seems to be,  incredibly bright in some parts, extremely dark at others.  Shadowed, a little cold, sometimes barren and then other times fluffy, soft and rosy golden.

I made a goal list last year and I proudly believe I have accomplished or have been working toward 10 out of the 12 from that list.  Feels pretty good and I am proud of myself for writing and posting my list here because most years I don’t even remember what I set out to do at the beginning of the year.  I would encourage you to put some goals or resolutions in writing and put it somewhere you can always find it.  It really helps make the ideas something to work towards and not just something you will forget about by February.

I made another post last year, reflecting on the previous year and the major and minor points of interest, and I really enjoyed the process of going through my year and remembering and documenting interesting things that I did or that happened to me.  At the end, reading through the list made me truly feel the magnitude of accomplishments and life that can happen in a year.  So I think I will do the same this year.

This past year I….

.. finished all of my stem classes and started actual graduate class.. went to my first Zeta Days in February and from that point through out the rest of the year really got to know and bond with some of my alumnae sisters.

.. got a part time job with the city which turned out to be the biggest surprise, and best job, best bosses, and best co-workers I have ever had.  I made some amazing new friends, wonderful memories and got laid off due to budget cuts in November.  I could not have asked for a better blessing and experience.

.. did a fun photo shoot weekend with some wonderful friends in San Antonio and another one back home with my best friend

.. made the best decision ever to drop my first ever accounting class online

.. went on a really fun long weekend trip to Las Vegas with my sweetheart and stayed at the fabulous Wynn hotel, saw Drake in concert and learned how to play black jack on the machines

.. took a horrible Statistics class but ended up making two good friends out of our common struggles and frustrations

.. took a total of 3 accounting classes after dropping my first and made an A in every single one!

.. took my first Finance class ever, in the summer, at 8am, and surprised my self by making a 100% on the first test and a 97% in the class

.. made a new amazing friend who then started a new chapter in her life and moved to Colorado, I was lucky enough to get to visit her there in October

.. discovered a delicious homegrown cupcake shop

.. took a lot of walks

.. finally found a church near where I live that I love

.. became the social chair for my sorority alumnae group and successfully planned a bowling get-together

.. went through a break up that seemed mostly mutual at the time, we have since stopped talking and I have sadly lost my best friend

.. visited El Paso for the first time ever where my Dad now lives, and was taking back by its beauty

.. saw a Beatles cover band and symphony orchestra performance, it was delightful

.. found a new academic/career mentor

.. saw The Fray in concert and Florence + Machine in concert with my sister

.. discovered I do in fact like regular coffee with just some milk as opposed to Starbucks, and also that I like Mexican refried beans I never ate before

.. made a 3.66 for my fall semester of all graduate classes

.. met a friend earlier in the year, who I didn’t become close with until later in the year who has seemingly changed my perspectives on many things in life

.. helped coordinate one of my favorite local musicians to come to my town to play a show

.. discovered the best champagne: Martini Asti

.. finally got the camera I had been wanting

.. shot rifles for the first time since I was a kid at camp, and shot a hand gun for the first time

.. went to an MBA conference for the first time, alone, and while it was scary and intimidating I learned a lot, and discovered my dream company to work for

..  started jogging and got back into the best shape I’ve been in since high school or before

.. rolled my ankle for the first time ever, and had to sit out of zumba for a month

.. took a temporary job as a leasing consultant at my apartment and loved it

.. bought Netflix

.. learned hot to cook a couple new dinners

.. discovered I have a somewhat naturally low white-blood cell count

.. took a really cool private tour of a local warehouse that was more like a museum

.. and discovered I actually really like some particular cats


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