A Rainy Wednesday


It has been like monsoon season here lately or something.  Since yesterday all it’s done is rain.  I don’t mind rain at all when I don’t have to be out in it, so the last two days were spent lazily and leisurely.  Yesterday was my first day off of full-time temporary work in 3 weeks.  Naturally I slept until noon, woke up and stayed in bed wandering the internet and catching up on blogs and internet window-shopping while listening to my new found love Ben Howard, for at least 2 hours before I got up out of necessity of hunger.  Man, don’t you just love days that allow for that type of situation?

Today I got up around the same time, and caught up on On-Demand episodes of Whitney (comedian Whitney Cummings’ sitcom) – which I thought had gotten canceled after it’s first season, but was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t.  I also decided to try out my new Urban Outfitter’s polish, which is the perfectly complimentary TV activity, as there is usually no other way to force myself to sit still long enough to let the polish dry.  I have also found soaking completed nails in ice water for 30 seconds to a minute, or whatever you can stand, as it hurts a bit, helps to “set” your manicure.

In other somewhat exciting news, my previous post happened to be my 150th!  Which I think seems pretty impressive!  I also recently noticed I have exactly 100 followers!  ONE HUNDRED!!  For what I think of as such an amateur effort at a blog, and the amount of time that sometimes elapses in between posts due to my schedule running away with itself, that seems like an incredible number to me!  I am just thrilled that 100 of you are interested in keeping up with my random and sometimes few and far between ramblings and picture updates.  Just thought I’d take the time to say I’m glad you are all here, and I hope I can keep you all entertained 🙂



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